QR Code Generator for BenefitPay – WordPress Plugin

QR Code Generator for BenefitPay

WordPress Plugin


QR Code Generator for BenefitPay – WordPress Plugin

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A wordpress plugin which allows to easily embed Fawri+ QR Codes for BenefitPay.

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A WordPress Plugin that allows the user / website owner to easily generate and display Fawri+ QR Codes for BenefitPay App to collect payments.

Main Features:

  • Easily Embed Fawri+ QR Codes on your WordPress Website
  • Customizable Amount for Each QR Code
  • Easy to Setup
  • Customizable Thank You Message
  • An Option Send Email when the User Clicks the Action Button
  • 5 Custom Fields for the User to Define and Use


Q. Does this plugin support WooCommerce? No. In case you are looking to have BenefitPay as a Checkout Payment Method for WooCommerce, please contact us. Q. How can I install the plugin? Option 1: Extract the plugin zip folder in your wordpress plugins directory and activate the plugin from your WordPress admin console. Option 2: Upload the zip folder through the WordPress admin console and activate the plugin. Q. How can I setup the plugin? A. After activating the plugin, you can access the setting from your wordpress admin console. It will be located under Settings>QR Code Generator for BenefitPay Q. How can I embed the plugin in my website? A. You can place the following short codes in the places you would like the QR to show: [ae_qr_code_for_benefitpay] - This short code will request the user to fill a set of fields before showing the QR Code. [ae_qr_code_for_benefitpay_pred amount="XXX" udf1="User Field Value 1" udf2="User Field Value 2" udf3="User Field Value 3" udf4="User Field Value 4" udf5="User Field Value 5"] - Where XXX is the amount in BHD and the rest are optional User Defined Values for the User Defined Fields (UDFs). Q. Can I pass parameters to the plugin? A. Absolutely ! If you use the short code [ae_qr_code_for_benefitpay] you can pass the following GET parameters: - ae-udf1 - ae-udf2 - ae-udf3 - ae-udf4 - ae-udf5 and the following two GET parameters are mandatory for the plugin to read the parameters: - ae-direct-amount (contains the amount in BHD) These parameters will be sent to the admin after clicking the action button. Q. How can I know if the User actually scanned the QR Code? A. Unfortunately, currently there is no way to find this automatically. You will need to manually verify the transaction. Q. Can I use this plugin to generate Merchant BenefitPay QR Codes? A. No. Currently the plugin only supports Fawri+ QR Codes.


You can use the plugin in 1 of your or your client's websites (1 domain only). In case you require to use it in several websites, please contact us for the pricing.


We provide 3 working days support for each 'QR Code Generator for BenefitPay' plugin purchase. In case you require an extended support, kindly contact us for the pricing.

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* This plugin is not affiliated with Benefit nor BenefitPay.

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